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So Why Should We Care?

That is the question that keeps running through my mind as I watched the news this week.  We are constantly bombarded with the latest "Breaking News" from all over the world and, in spite of the fact that I usually find these tidbits fascinating, I cant help but wonder exactly why I should care.  Let me share the three examples they have been chasing my conscious around lately.

1)  Senator Joe Lieberman, the 2000 Democrat Party Nominee for Vice President of the United States of America lost a primary challenge to a political newcomer named Ned Lamont.  Why should I care that an ultra-liberal Senator from the Yankeelands was defeated by an even more extreme liberal Candidate?  It comes down to the reason that Senator Lieberman lost; his opponent ran nothing but anti-war, hate
Bush ads during the election.  The only glaring difference between Senator Lieberman (Who I would NEVER vote for) and Mr Lamont is that Senator Lieberman had the Moral fortitude to oppose the majority of the Democratic Leadership and the Lunatic fringe left and Support President Bush in the war on Terrorism.  In other words, he stood up for what he believed in despite the fact that it would hurt him politically.  I find it hard to oppose an honorable man even when I disagree with him politically 90% of the time.  His opponent demanding an immediate withdrawal of all our troops, in other words
CUT & RUN, surrender to the terrorists.  I find that impossible to support.  The reason that this should matter to us is that Mr Lamont, if he wins in November, will be voting in the US Senate to surrender to the Terrorists.  Personally, that sickens me.

2)  Israel is waging war against Hezbollah.  Ok, Israel is a long way from East Texas and Hezbollah is not a problem in the United States, Right?  Actually, Wrong!  The FBI has busted three cigarette smuggling rings in North Carolina that were using their criminal profits to fund Hezbollah.  Hezbollah is also funded by Iran, who also funds the terrorists that we are battling in Iraq.  Hezbollah has strong ties to Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Al Queda.  I don't know about you, but those ties to Al Queda makes them the enemy in my mind.  So let's Support Israel as they defend themselves against a mutual enemy.

3)  British Police busted a terrorist plot to destroy somewhere between 6 to 10 planes bound for the United States.  The terrorists had planned to use common liquids to assemble bombs on board the planes and explode them over either the Atlantic, or their American destinations.  This plot, if it had worked, had the potential to kill more people than the terrorist attacks on 911.  The plot was uncovered by the use of Wire Taps and other Intelligence gathering methods that many of OUR US Senators are demanding that the NSA stop using.  Does that make sense to you?

This is why we need to care about what is happening around the country, and the world, even if they don't seem to impact us here in East Texas. 

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