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Over the last five years I have commented and complained about many of the things that have happened in our community and country.  I have at times shared my outrage at the depths to which the ultra-liberal lunatic fringe of the Democrat Party would willingly plunge in its obvious, and totally, irrational hatred of President Bush. We have discussed the total disregard that eight old men in black dresses (the Supreme Court) have displayed for the culture, heritage and history of this great nation in their irrational decisions regarding several issues ranging from the "right" of the State to seize your property because someone else will pay more taxes using it -- to their insane belief that People who are trying to KILL innocent Americans, citizens can't have their phone calls tapped.

During that time, I have been convinced that there was a line that civilized, rational people would never cross.  We may disagree politically, but that never stopped us from being friends.  We could sit in Kwik Chek (Soon I will be old enough to join that group) and discuss or debate any political hot topic without devolving into animals that would wish harm or death on people who disagree politically.  In other words, as angry or irritated as we might get because of political difference, we would never degrade ourselves to the level of the Islamo-facists that we are fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere around the world.

Here in our town, I am still convinced that is true, but I am no longer convinced that it is true on the national level.  In case you have not heard yet, there is a new TV Docu-Drama that has its world premier at the Toronto Film Festival this September.  The title of this "Work of Art" is The Death of a President.  It is set in 2007 and depicts the events that follow the assassination of President George W Bush.  This film claims that it is "a thought-provoking critique of contemporary America".  I don't care what your politics are, or which party the Sitting President of the United States is from, this type of garbage crosses the line.  It is not entertainment, it is not political commentary, it is sickening!

I hope and pray that all RATIONAL Americans will draw the line right here, and condemn this perversion of the political process.
PS:  Last year at this time the main stream media and the Democrat Party Leadership was blaming President Bush for the extremely  high gas prices.  I wonder if they will soon be heaping praise on him for sudden DROP in gas prices.
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