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Now I realize that I am just a small town guy in East Texas and cant be expected to understand all the idiosyncrasies of International Treaties or "Nuances" of the US Senate.  That being said I am extremely confused by a couple of things that happened this week and a mite irritated at the way our "gubermint" is acting. 1)  The Republic of Mexico will not extradite known criminals to the United States because they "May" face Life without parole or the death penalty.  As a result of that "Humane" practice on the part of the Mexican government many murderers and rapists flee to Mexico to escape American justice.  On June 18th 2003 the reality TV show "Star" Duanne "Dog" Chapman apprehended accused (Since convicted) Rapist Andrew Luster in Puerto Villarto Mexico.  Chapman escorted Rapist Luster back to the United States, where he was convicted and sentenced to 124 years for his crimes.  Story ends,  Happy Ending Right?   WRONG ---------- This week US Marshals in Hawaii arrested Mr Chapman and he is currently sitting in jail awaiting a decision by the Justice Department on whether or not to extradite him to Mexico.  Yes, The same Mexico that refuses to extradite Murderers, Rapists and Drug Pushers to the United States.  It seems this action was caused by a request from the Mexican Government.  The Mexican Government complains that "Dog" Chapman violated their Sovereignty!  Yes, the same Mexican government that handed out comic books explaining to illegal aliens  how to sneak into the United States and "Blend In".   Let me see if I have this straight: Our Government Can't deport Illegal Aliens,  Our Government Can't even build a fence to slow down the invasion of illegal aliens But they can Extradite a Bounty Hunter that went into Mexico and Snatched a Rapist?

2)  When Al Quida, Hammas, Osama Bin Laden, or some other Terrorist group captures Americans they kill them, usually by beheading them on video which they, of course, send to Al Jazerra (The Terrorist TV Network) which immediately puts it on the satellite.  IF we capture a terrorist on the battlefield and force him to wear panties on his head, it's called torture and we are the bad guys.  Al Quida and the other Islamo Fascists are trying to KILL us, but if our guys try any kind of "Outside of the Box" interrogation techniques, we are the bad guys.  The President of Iran calls Jews Pigs, Dogs and sub humans and threatens to annihilate Israel.  The Pope quotes a 14th century Christian Emperor who said that Mohammed was Evil, the Pope and the United States are the bad guys.  A Danish Newspaper runs a cartoon ridiculing Mohammed, the response is rioting and murders all over the Islamic World.  The Danish Newspaper and the United States are the bad guys.  President Bush calls people who are trying to kill innocent Americans Islamo Fascists and he is condemned for being a racist. Senator Robert Byrd uses the "N" Word in a national broadcast television program and he is hailed as a Great Democrat leader.  Now, Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, is introducing legislation that would criminalize any "humiliation" of the "detainees" at the Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Camp.  In case you have forgotten, these "Detainees" are terrorists sworn to kill every American they can.

Does this make any sense to You?  I will be completely honest with
you, it sounds like a bunch of male bovine fertilizer to me.  When
did common sense become a rare commodity in the United States?  When
did it become fashionable to protect criminals, terrorists and thugs?
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