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I am an American, My fathers ancestors were from England and my
Mothers were here to greet them when they got off the boat.  I am not
an "English-American" or a "Native-American" or any other kind of
hyphenated American.  Like most Americans I detest the ideal of any
American not getting a fair chance because of the color of his skin
or the way he prays.  Like most Americans I could not care less who
someone takes to their bedroom as long as everyone involved are

On the other hand I am getting sick and tired of Politicians
pandering to the "AINO's" that live in our country.  Let me explain
what a AINO is.  In the last election alot of Republicans were thrown
out of office because they had been acting like "RINO's" ---
Republican in Name Only.  They would run for office as conservatives
but once elected they ignored the people who put them there and went
on a spending spree that would shame a drunken sailor.  These same
RINO's refused to enforce the immigration laws of our nation instead
trying to "Compromise" and reward CRIMINALS with amnesty and
citizenship.  These were the RINO's which means Republican In Name
Only.  Our "Loyal" Opposition have a similar problem.  Their problem
is called "DINO's" or Reagan Democrats.  In other words candidates
that run as Democrats then ignore their voters.

Now the people I am writing(Complaining) about this week
are "AINO's" --- Americans In Name Only.  Americans who spend all
their free time talking about how terrible our country is while they
make millions off their movies (Alex Baldwin).  Americans who go to
other countries and badmouth our nation during their holiday break
(Senator John Kerry).  Americans who served in high elected office
then travel the world insulting the American military, American Govt
and the American way of life (President Jimmy Carter, Vice President
Al Gore).  People who are more concerned with identifying their
ethnic or racial heritage than they do on standing up for America.
(Lulac, NAACP).  People who are more concerned with making friends in
France, Germany and other European "Allies" than they are with
telling us the truth about what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These AINO's are the reason that our cops are not allowed to ask if
someone is an American Citizen when they are arrested.  These AINO's
are the reason that the Border Patrol is not allowed to do is job. 
Rather than enforce the laws that already exist these AINO's look for
new terms to describe the CRIMINALS that are invading our Nation. 
The latest term for these CRIMINALS is "Illegal Americans".  It's
about time we stop pandering to these AINO's and start standing up
for Americans.  It's time we start letting our elected officials know
that we are NOT going to allow them to sell our nation down the river!

Bill Hocutt

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