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Let me be perfectly clear, this open letter is in response to a series of emails that have been flying back and forth for the last few days.  Frankly I am fed up with people that want to sit on the sidelines and complain about how bad things are and REFUSE to help us fix the problem.  In some cases I applaud their past actions and acknowledge the tremendous work they have done for Hunt County.  HOWEVER, that does not Excuse or justify giving up and allowing the liberals, democrats and lunatics to take over just because Life and our leaders have not been perfect. 

The "Message" sent by the election of 06 was that America didn't support the war in Iraq.  If that is the message you wanted to send ---- congratulations it was sent.  However, if you were trying to tell RINO Republicans that you were unhappy with their actions that message was NOT EVEN SENT!  Those messages are sent in the PRIMARY not the General Election.

You want to change things in DC or Austin, You do it be getting involved!  Working for Conservative candidates, Working within the system.  The only thing that comes from "Quiting" the party and throwing bricks is you get labeled a "Nutcase". 

It is blatently obvious from the signature line on my blog and my emails that I am not thrilled with the actions of Govenor Rick "RINO" Perry or President Dubya BUT I am realistic enough to know that the alternatives were ten thousand times worse.  If you want a more conservative Govenor then come help people like me and the Hunt County GOP Club move forward the Conservative Agenda.  If you want a more conservative President then come help people like Dan Flynn, Bob Deuell, John Cook and the Hunt County GOP Club more forward the Conservative Agenda.  We are working to make a difference, not just throwing rocks. 

You say you are not aware of "Good Actions" being done by the Good Guys.  Might I point out that Govenor Perry's intrusion on Parental RIghts was over ridden by the State Legslature.  DO you think that was caused by the Tooth Fairy?  NO, It was caused by outraged conservatives working within the system making it known to their Reps and Senators that Govenor Perry's were not acceptable.

You may have noticed that your Taxes went down a few years ago, do you think that was done by Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy and the Hillary?  No, it was done by Conservative Republicans forcing the RINO's to tow the line.  President Bush appointed Two CONSERVATIVE Supreme Court Judges, he did that because of People like John Cook, Mickey Mixon, Eric Wesson working within the system to force conservative christian ideals on our "leaders". 

Has it been perfect, NO.  Do we always succeed, NO.  Are we making it better, YES!  You win the war by winning more battles than the other guy does.  If you quit just because you dont agree with everything a specific leader does then you are playing into the hands of people like Barak Obama, John Edwards and John McClain. 

You state that Rhetoric does not get the job done anymore, No it does not.  Neither does getting mad and stomping off the field.  It's a stone cold fact that the Democrats DONT CARE what you think, and they will not pass decent laws no matter how much pressure you apply.  You want to make a differnece?  The only way that will happen is if you work within the system. 

However if all you want to do is vent your spleen and throw rocks then go ahead.  Just restrict it to other folks that dont actually want to make a difference because some of us are too busy to waste time on surrender monkeys.

Bill Hocutt
President, Hunt County GOP Club

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